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相关教程: 大学英语六级作文
  • 大学英语六级作文 Topic 1

    文章摘要:bbin游戏注册官网,里面剑仙转变它没有任何威力 但是他一想到凝聚了血红衣这名巅峰仙君。

    With increasing access to the internet and soaring popularity of distance learning many people begin to choose to study online for diplomas rather than go to universities. An argument accordingly arose, that is, is the internet going to replace unive...

  • 大学英语六级作文 Topic 2

    Building a factory in a community Should it be welcomed or rejected? It is reported that a new factory will be built in our community. This has caused much dispute among the residents. Some people welcome the plan regarding it as a stimulants for the...

  • 大学英语六级作文 Topic 3

    Work In The Countryside Many university graduates now volunteer to work in the countryside. It is reported that once hundreds of university graduates competed with one another to work as a village leader in Beijing. Many factors have contributed to t...

  • 大学英语六级作文 Topic 4

    Topic 4. Need we never give up? When Wallace watched the spider fail 6 times in spinning a web and succeed at the 7th time he realized that he should lead his Scottish people to fight against the English invaders for another time. And he too succeede...

  • 大学英语六级作文 Topic 5

    Topic 5. On opening psychological courses. Many universities and colleges have now decided to open more psychological courses to their students. This is totally advisable and has been warmly welcomed. In the first place psychological courses are in u...

  • 大学英语六级作文 Topic 6

    Topic 6. Should we help strangers? Helping strangers has always been considered a treasured virtue of human kind. Not only because we need help from others throughout our life but also because it brings us tremendous happiness. However some considere...

  • 大学英语六级作文 Topic 7

    Topic 7. The post-graduate craze. Presently there is a so called post-graduate craze in China. Millions of people most of who are university students take part in a yearly post-graduate entrance examination. They do so for different reasons. First of...

  • 大学英语六级作文 Topic 8

    Topic 8. Should old people stay at home or be placed in nursing homes? Should old people stay with their children or go to the nursing homes? Some hold that old people should stay at home. For one thing the young are obliged to repay the care and lov...

  • 大学英语六级作文 Topic 9

    Topic 9. A letter to apply for a student loan. Deer sir or madam, I am a freshman in Peking University majoring in civil engineering. I am applying to your bank for a loan of 10,000 yuan. It is hard for me to make the application but I have to. Last...

  • 大学英语六级作文 Topic 10

    Topic 10. Should a formal distance be kept between students and teachers? A good interpersonal relationship between teachers and students is vital for successful education. And what is a perfect teacher student relationship like? Should there be a fo...

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