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  • 留学英语口语-注册

    STUART: Hello. Can I help you? KAREN: Yes, I hope so. I would like to register for Comp Lit 287. STUART: I'm sorry, but that class is already full. And also, students are supposed to register through the touch-tone registration system. KAREN: I know...

  • 留学英语口语-在银行开户

    IVY: I would like to open an account here. SUSAN: Alright. What kind of account would you like? IVY: I'm not sure. I'm new here in America. I don't know the English words for different kinds of accounts. SUSAN: Well, most international students open...

  • 留学英语口语-谈论学习计划

    TERRY: Have you decided what you are going to take next semester? LISA: Well, I'm an English major, you know. So I came here to make sure I'm taking the right things. TERRY: Good. I think it's a good idea. Our department should require meetings like...

  • 留学英语口语-入住宿舍

    CHRIS: Alright, we need to have a plan here. First of all, which bed do you want? DAVE: Well, everybody wants the bottom bunk. Why don't we flip a coin for it? CHRIS: Alright. Do you have a coin? DAVE: Yes. Here's a quarter. I flip it, you call it i...

  • 留学英语口语-申请奖学金

    SHARON: How can I help you today, Alice? ALICE: Well, I came to talk to you because I want to apply for a scholarship. SHARON: Oh, good. You're an excellent student. I'd be very willing to help you with that. ALICE: Thanks. I really appreciate it. I...

  • 留学英语口语-去健身中心

    STEVE: I'm going over to the gym. I want to do some running. JOSEPH: Why don't you run outside? STEVE: Are you kidding? Do you know how cold it is today? JOSEPH: Yeah, I suppose. I guess it isn't healthy to run in this weather. STEVE: No, it's not....

  • 留学英语口语-参加派对

    ANN: I think I'm going to go home. SHARON: Why? We just got here. ANN: I know, but it's 12:30. It's pretty late. SHARON: 12:30 isn't late! This party will probably go until three or four o'clock. C'mon, don't leave yet! ANN: Three or four o'clock? S...

  • 留学英语口语-语言交流

    ALLEN: Excuse me. Do you study Chinese at the university here? SUZY: Yes, I do. But my characters are very bad. ALLEN: It takes a long time to learn Chinese writing. SUZY: Are you Chinese? ALLEN: Yes, I am. I am from Taiwan. I came here to study pol...

  • 留学英语口语-申请研究生院

    SELENE: Can I help you? TERRY: Yes. I am interested in applying for graduate school here. SELENE: Alright. Do you have some specific questions? TERRY: Not really. I am in Madison visiting a friend. And I would like to go to school here too. So he to...

  • 留学英语口语-找公寓

    LARRY: I really appreciate your driving me around. CONRAD: It's no problem. I have time today, and I think it's important that you find a good place. LARRY: It would be hard for just me to do it. I don't know the city at all. CONRAD: So what do you...

  • 留学英语口语-测验之前

    LAURIE: Oh... I am really worried about the exam. I have no idea what will be on it. SUE: Why? Just read your notes. You can see what the professor stressed in the lectures. Probably the exam will ask about things he stressed. LAURIE: Yes, but my no...

  • 留学英语口语-申请停车许可证

    SANDY: Can I help you? DEREK: Yes, I need to apply for a parking permit. SANDY: Are you a professor? DEREK: What? Are you kidding? I'm only 22 years old! SANDY: Yes, I am kidding. But don't you know only professors and students with disabilities can...

  • 留学英语口语-兼职工作

    NATASHA: I don't know what I'm going to do. I need to find a job. If I don't, I won't be able to stay here next semester. ERIC: Have you tried university part-time jobs? NATASHA: What do you mean? ERIC: I mean in the library, or in some information...

  • 留学英语口语-去教堂

    RYAN: I am kind of nervous. SARAH: Nervous? Why? RYAN: I don't know. I never went to a church before. I was not raised as a Christian, so I don't know what to do. SARAH: Don't worry. You don't have to do anything. All you have to do is listen. You w...

  • 留学英语口语-爆奇卡

    JOHN: Excuse me. Do you have a minute? I'd like to tell you about the Bucky Card. DAVE: Well... alright. I guess I have a minute. JOHN: Do you know about the Bucky Card? DAVE: I've heard about it, but I don't really know about it. JOHN: The Bucky Ca...

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