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  • 王迈迈大学英语四级预测与详解 01


    [00:03.55]Section A [00:04.92]11. M: Is Jim coming back right after the holiday? [00:08.72]W: No, I don't expect to see him till next week. [00:12.29]Q: What does the woman say about Jim? [00:30.47]12. W: The room is filled with smoke, I can hardly b...

  • 王迈迈大学英语四级预测与详解 02

    [00:02.08]Section A [00:03.61]11. W: When is Eric coming? [00:06.03]M: Well, it's 10∶30 now. I think he'll come in 50 minutes. [00:09.88]Q: When will Eric arrive? [00:27.35]12. W: What does Jack do for a living? [00:30.29]M: He sells vegetables...

  • 王迈迈大学英语四级预测与详解 03

    [00:01.80]Section A [00:03.37]11. W: Mary has been in the night club since 8 o'clock. [00:07.29]What time is it now? I'm worried. [00:09.37]M: It's two o'clock in the morning. [00:11.16]Q: How long has Mary been in the club? [00:29.52]12. W: How d...

  • 王迈迈大学英语四级预测与详解 04

    [00:02.75]Section A [00:04.34]11. M: When shall we start our work, Jane? [00:07.41]W: At 9. But we must hurry [00:09.20]for we have to finish everything before 3 in the afternoon. [00:13.05]Q: For how long will they work? [00:30.59]12. W: Would you l...

  • 王迈迈大学英语四级预测与详解 05

    [00:02.57]Section A [00:04.27]11. W: Tom, how are you doing with your composition? [00:08.52]M: I've written and rewritten it so many times [00:11.61]that I wonder if I'll ever finish it. [00:13.68]Q: What can we learn about the man? [00:31.94]12. W:...

  • 王迈迈大学英语四级预测与详解 06

    [00:03.02]Section A [00:04.65]11. M: The baby crying next door kept me up all night. [00:09.48]W: She must be ill. [00:11.29]Q: What happened to the man? [00:29.10]12. M: Do you know when the test is? [00:32.66]W: It's on June 15th. It's only five...

  • 王迈迈大学英语四级预测与详解 07

    [00:03.53]Section A [00:05.19]11. W: We'll have to finish studying for tonight. [00:08.25]It's 10: 00 and the library closes at 10: 30. [00:11.66]M: Relax. Your watch must be fast, [00:14.04]we'll still have an hour to study. [00:16.24]Q: What time i...

  • 王迈迈大学英语四级预测与详解 08

    [00:04.29]Section A [00:05.92]11. W: You still have to wait an hour, so relax. [00:09.99]M: Relax? How can I when I'm so anxious about the interview. [00:14.07]Q: What does the man mean? [00:31.70]12. W: I thought Amy majored in mathematics in colleg...

  • 王迈迈大学英语四级预测与详解 09

    [00:07.05]Section A [00:09.16]11.M: The concert starts at 9 : 00. [00:12.96]W: We still have fifteen minutes. [00:15.18]Q: What time is it? [00:32.25]12. M: Is it still snowing outside? [00:35.43]W: No, but the wind is still blowing a lot. [...

  • 王迈迈大学英语四级预测与详解 10

    [00:03.94]Section A [00:05.97]11. M: I'm going to revise my report. [00:09.36]W: I think you should leave it well enough alone. [00:12.39]Q: What does the woman think the man should do? [00:31.00]12. W: I had a car to use this weekend. [00:34.7...

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